A Jewish charity hopes to boost adoption in the borough after linking up with a children’s charity in Finchley.

Norwood has merged its adoption services team with Coram, which runs one of the UK’s largest voluntary adoption agencies and has more than 40 years’ experience in the field.

Together they have launched Coram Adoption North London, incorporating Norwood which has officially opened in Finchley.  

It aims to combine the adoption resources of both organisations so more children can be placed with adoptive families in and around North London.

During the last two years, the Government has introduced reforms to increase the number of adoptive families recruited each year and speeding up the time taken for children to be placed with new families. In response to this, Voluntary Adoption Agencies such as Norwood have been exploring new ways of working collaboratively to combine resources and expertise.

Norwood chief executive Elaine Kerr said: “Coram is an organisation that we’ve had a longstanding professional relationship with for many years. Given their exemplary record and outstanding reputation in the adoption sector, we are assured that they will continue to build on the excellent work of our adoption team of the last 23 years.”

Coram chief executive Carol Homden said: “Both organisations are extremely excited about the merger and we are confident it will lead to more children being placed with new adoptive parents.

“Our key priority is to make this transition as seamless as possible for all of our current and potential adopters, so we can continue to find loving adoptive homes for children.”