Police are continuing to investigate after a Barnet Councillor was accused of voting “inappropriately” in a budget meeting.

Last Tuesday, Barnet Borough Council reported the councillor for a potential breach of the Local Government Finance Act.

Barnet’s Labour group had previously admitted that one of its members was summonsed to court over an unpaid £1,400 council tax bill.

The authority believes a member failed to make a proper declaration and voted “inappropriately” on the 2014/15 budget at the full council meeting on March 4.

Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 prohibits members from voting on council tax setting, administration and enforcement if their council tax payment “becomes payable and remains unpaid” for two or more months.

But in a reaction statement, a Labour spokesman had said the money was “not owed” and that the party is investigating.

Meanwhile Barnet Borough Police has said no arrests have been made but that their “enquiries continue”.