Neighbours fear pollution and a scramble for parking spaces lie in wait if a “poorly thought through” housing complex becomes a reality.

Residents have rallied together to stop Barnet Homes from building new developments in Tarling Road, East Finchley.

Three new houses will be built in a derelict park in the street and six new two and three- bedroom flats will be built on a well-loved plot of grassland next to it.

But people living nearby say the “peaceful” open space is a popular spot for dog walkers and children as there are no other suitable parks nearby.

Sharon Loveless, 49, fears the “intense” developments will and ruin the character of their street.

She said: “The park is derelict and we accept that, but new houses would tower over us and look very claustrophobic.

“We also don’t want them to use the grassland for the flats. It’s not very big, and it’s a popular place for dog walkers and children.

“What good is it to pollute an area where people live in harmony? Everything we love about it is set to be destroyed. They’re grabbling at our open spaces – how poorly thought out.

“Please don’t do this. You’re making us feel as though we aren’t entitled to our own parks.”

The Asda worker, who brought up her two children in the street, suffers from asthma and says breathing the clear air in the grassland helps calm her condition.

She also fears losing the green space will destroy the close-knit community neighbours have been building for 30 years.

For the nine new homes, five extra car parking spaces will be built – and residents say they will not be enough to accommodate both current and new residents.

There are currently 59 parking spaces for 59 homes on the street.

Barnet Homes is due to seek planning permission next month but is currently consulting with residents about the proposals.

Householders called a meeting to discuss them last week – but the organisation denied the Times Series access to the meeting.

Juliette Tallen, 54, said: “I haven’t met a single person who is for this. We’ll be living on top of each other and feel as though our personal space will be violated.

“There’s going to be a desperate scramble for parking spaces. It will cause so much disruption to our lives. Our community is already overstretched.

“We don’t want to fight for parking spaces – we want to keep the peace. We absolutely don’t want this on our green space.”

In a statement, Barnet Homes said Tarling Road is one of six sites where they are proposing to build new developments.

They are aiming to deliver 38 new homes in Barnet by autumn 2016.

The statement added: “We have given residents in the locality an information leaflet with details of the proposals and the contact details of a Barnet Homes officer they can speak to if they have any further questions.

“We have worked very closely with Barnet’s planning department to make sure that the current proposals meet both Barnet’s and the Mayor of London’s high standards for new housing as we work to provide much needed affordable homes in the borough.”