A hospital in Hendon has appointed a new director who plans to roll out the Six Cs of nursing to improve patients’ care.

BMI The Garden Hospital has appointed Suzanne Fuller to be its new director of clinical services.

Mrs Fuller graduated as a nurse in 1987, she has 15 years’ experience delivering critical care services and has worked for the hospital’s parent company BMI Healthcare for the past four years.

As part of her new role she will be responsible for embedding the hospital’s new clinical strategy, including the Six Cs of nursing.

Mrs Fuller said: “The team at BMI The Garden Hospital continually strive for improvement and the new Six Cs initiative is part of an on-going development process to embed its core of compassion, competence, care, courage and commitment.

“The Six Cs of nursing are something that we as nurses live and breathe by and the new clinical strategy aims to underpin, support and improve communication with our team and with our patients to ensure that every department and every employee at BMI The Garden Hospital play their part in its delivery.

“I look forward to working with my new team and the hospital’s management and local community to really making a difference to the lives of people who at the heart of everything we do – our patients.”