You might think we are kidding – but a dog grooming parlour welcomed an unusual visitor to its salon.

Groomers on the Green, in Bradmore Green, Potters Bar, felt baaaad for Hemingway the goat when he came in with his owner in dire need of a makeover.

The brown and white pygmy goat was as good as gold as salon co-owner Amanda Marshall sorted out his graze.

He had never been groomed before, butt did he seem to enjoy having his hair washed and trimmed.

Miss Marshall said: “He was as good as gold, and he acted just like a dog and absolutely loved being here.

“We’re only used to treating dogs, so he was one of the most adorable animals we’ve ever had here.

“Everyone was making such a fuss over him but he didn’t seem to mind.”

The goat belongs to a Potters Bar family who were desperate for a pet, but are unable to keep dogs.