Environmental health officers in Barnet are offering advice about new laws on food allergen labelling.

The health team, which is part of Re, Barnet Borough Council’s joint venture with Capita, will raise awareness of the new unpackaged food labelling laws throughout Allergy Awareness Week.

The legislation will mean that for the first time, food that is not pre-packed will need clear labelling to help allergy sufferers avoid exposure to ingredients such as peanuts, dairy, eggs and gluten.

Chris Carabine, group manager for food, health and safety, said: “Our officers will be talking to restaurants, cafes and caterers during routine visits and inspections, to offer them advice and let them know how to find out more information.

“But we also want the public to know that they’ll be able to get more information about the contents of their food, even if it’s not pre-packaged, and that suppliers will need to display what allergenic ingredients are in the food they’re serving.”

The new unpacked food labelling laws come in at the end of the year.