A critical audit report has highlighted concerns about Capita's inadequate control over access to the council’s IT systems.

Barnet Borough Council’s Audit Committee will meet tonight to discuss the report which makes “high priority” recommendations for better control of the IT systems which were privatised to Capita as part of the authority’s One Barnet programme.

The report criticises the council’s “lack of ownership” of its IT systems, blaming the “lack of a clear division of responsibility” between the authority and Capita.

Auditors monitored IT systems in four areas including the council’s Children’s Social Care database (ICS), Integris, a schools management information database, as well as shared drives and mailboxes.

The report states: “Access to council systems is not controlled or monitored effectively. For all employees added to any council system prior to 2010, no evidence of authorisation for access has been retained.

“No formal reviews of staff access levels or active users had been documented in any of the areas audited.

“Furthermore, there is no formal process in place for the removal of IT access for temporary staff after they have left the council.”

The audit committee will consider recommendations which include plans to monitor access to the authority’s IT systems, as well as a proposal to seek assurance Capita removes staff access.