Staff at a chiropractors have been forced to clear “revolting” rubbish from the back of their practice themselves to avoid attracting rats to the area.

Staff at Carl Irwin, in Mowbray Parade, Edgware, have to clear mounds of dirty nappies and mouldy food from the ground.

They say the wheelie bins in the area regularly overflow, but binmen fail to collect the excess waste during their weekly pick ups.

Despite reporting the problem to Barnet Borough Council over a year ago, it still continues.

Principal Carl Irwin said: “It’s totally out of control. It’s a disgusting health risk and the whole thing is revolting, it could attract animals.

“It smells bad too. We’ve been complaining and the residents have been complaining but nothing is done. We have to glove up and sweep it up ourselves.

“Our customers tell us there’s a bad smell here – it’s gross.”

A spokesman for Barnet Council said: “We are aware of the issues surrounding excess waste in the area but this is private land.

“However, we have been in touch with the land owner to try and come to a long term arrangement for waste disposal.”