Customers shouted “BINGO” after their club held a day of free games held to celebrate a cut in taxes for the game.

The Beacon Bingo club in Cricklewood Broadway invited the community to a special Bingo is Boosted day, a national day of celebration organised by The Bingo Association.

The reason for festivity is the 20 to ten per cent reduction of the duty on bingo in the March Budget by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

The decrease followed a Boost Bingo campaign by the association which gathered more than 330,000 petition signatures and was supported by nearly 50 MPs.

Phil Gibbs, marketing manager for Beacon Bingo, said: “Bingo is a fun social activity enjoyed by so many people, both young and old, and this reduced duty is going to mean a significant difference.”

The Cricklewood venue hosted two free link up games, one in the evening and one in the afternoon, for a £1,500 prize.