Social housing tenants who took courses to help them get better jobs have received their qualifications.

More than 100 Barnet Homes’ residents took courses to gain a qualification or develop their skills.

Around 35 people who passed their courses in 2013 attended an awards ceremony where they were presented with certificates on Tuesday.

Tracey Lees, chief executive of Barnet Homes, said: “We want to ensure that Barnet Homes’ residents and their families have every chance to succeed in life and contribute to their communities.

“Gaining new skills to become more employable means people become role models for their families and inspire their other family members to improve their prospects too.

“It also helps people with their confidence, if you are a full-time mum who’s been out of work for a while or need help with speaking and writing skills.”

Those who gained a qualification or skill came from a range of different circumstances or backgrounds.

There were three sets of married couples who spoke no English before starting their basic language clases and a criminology graduate who is now deputy chair of Barnet Homes’ Performance Advisory Group.

Mother-of-four Carmelita Pires came to London from Cape Verde in 2011 and said being able to access training and skills courses has changed her life.

The 44-year-old now hopes to become a London bus driver.

She said: “I didn’t speak any English at all a year ago. Things were very difficult when I first arrived in this country but I am a very quick learner. I am a mini-bus driver so I get to practise my language skills every day.”