Police have decided not to charge a Labour councillor over accusations that she voted ‘inappropriately’ in a budget meeting.

Barnet Borough Council reported Councillor Kath McGuirk for a potential breach of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.

The authority had said that at the time of the council budget debate Cllr McGuirk was in arrears with her council tax following an incorrectly claimed single person council tax discount dating back to 2010.

But Cllr McGuirk publicly defended her actions stating the council had  “mistakenly” issued her demands for council tax arrears and a court summons, which she challenged because her payments were "in order”.

Today police have issued a statement to say that following a full investigation they will not be proceeding with the allegation.

It reads: “After a thorough investigation into the allegation of a breach of Section 106 Local Government Finance Act 1992, it was decided by police in Barnet that, although a technical breach had occurred, it was not in the public interest to progress the matter any further.

“All parties have been informed of the decision.”