Ten-year-old who has IQ higher than Stephen Hawking accepted into Mensa

1:10pm Thursday 29th May 2014

By Anna Slater

While his friends were playing computer games and learning their times tables, this ten-year-old boy was accepted into Mensa.

Tanishq Mehta, of Green Bank, North Finchley, is officially considered a ‘genius’ after scoring 162 on an IQ test – more than 62 points above the national average.

The exclusive high IQ society Mensa admits only those with a score of 140 or more – and little Tanishq’s IQ is already higher than that of Stephen Hawking, Einstein and Bill Gates.

His parents, computer scientist Sanket and henna artist Sama, decided to have their son tested after realising he was exceptionally bright, but did not dream he would be accepted into Mensa.

Tanishq, who will start at QE Boys School in September, said: “I don’t feel as clever as people like Stephen Hawking, but it’s nice to be recognised.

“I am really proud to be in Mensa though, it’s not something I expected.

“I like maths the best because I like solving problems. The harder the better as I like a good challenge. It gets my brain into gear.”

Tanishq, who has an eight-year-old brother, admits he dislikes reading and literacy during lessons at school.

He one day hopes to be an astronomer and study the planets and stars – but is not too keen on the idea of heading into space.

A keen chess player, he also loves dinosaurs and watching his favourite football team, Real Madrid, play.

His mother, Sama, added: “It’s amazing. We don’t know where he got it from or how he got to be this bright.

“He was a very quick learner as a child, so I’m not surprised to be honest.

“We always knew he was intelligent, but this is just marvellous.”


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