Lego is a staple in every child’s toy box - but one fashion design student has proved even adults can enjoy it - by creating a clothing line out of it.

Amelia Bebbington, a student at Middlesex University, in The Burroughs, Hendon, hopes to take the fashion world by storm and fight back against today’s disposable clothing culture.

Her collection, inspired by Lego blocks, is ‘buildable’ and the garments can be zipped and popped together to be turned into something new.

She will display her range, called Build it Wear It, in a fashion show at St Pancras Hotel today.

She said her clothing line was inspired by fashion designer Vivienne Westwood’s thoughts on buying clothes: “Her view is that we should all ‘buy less, choose well and make it last’ - rather than making dodgy impulse purchases, wearing them once or twice and then getting rid of them.

“That sustainable ethos really appeals to me.This is an amazing opportunity to get my designs out there.

“The stakes are pretty high, so of course I’m a bit nervous. But more than anything, I’m excited. Hopefully on the day the clothes will speak for themselves.”