Neighbours say a new supermarket has turned their street into “Oxford Circus, with more bedlam”.

Tesco opened in Glengall Road, Edgware, five weeks ago, and ever since residents have reported traffic clogged streets, lack of parking spaces and incessant litter blowing into their front gardens.

They say shoppers regularly block their driveways because the eight-space car park is too narrow to manoeuvre and constantly filled with staff cars.

Grandmother Marion Smith, 77, said: “They also treat the road like a race track and come bombing up and down. It’s unacceptable.

“It’s bedlam in the mornings and during rush hour. There have been no accidents yet but lives are in danger unless something is done.

“The car park is small so that’s why nobody wants to use it, when you reverse out you’re taking your life into your own hands – so they think it fit to use our driveways to park across.

“The whole thing is an utter disgrace. It really has been unbearable for us”

Mrs Smith, who lives with her husband, Malcolm, claims they are woken up as early as 6am during the week by delivery vans – even though guidelines state this should not take place before 7am.

The couple are now considering moving amid fears the new shop has reduced the value of the house they have lived in for over 30 years.

Flats were also due to be built next to supermarket – but the couple claim building suddenly stopped five weeks ago, with no indication of whether the project is still going ahead.

Mr Smith said: “I don’t understand why they needed the Tesco here in the first place, there are two others in walking distance. It’s created chaos for no reason at all.”

Mr and Mrs Smith are now calling on Barnet Borough Council to assess the problem and come up with a viable solution.

Although they are against yellow lines to control where people can park, their neighbour, Clive Burns, disagrees.

He told the Times Series: “Our lovely road has become something similar to Oxford Circus just with more bedlam.

“We need something that will stop this madness and I can’t think of any other way. At least with yellow lines people will be deterred from blocking our drives.

“My driveway is also always filled with litter from old receipts to cigarettes and it’s utterly disgusting. We want this whole mess sorted out.”

A statement from Tesco said the team will ensure deliveries take place after 7am and before 6pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 1pm on the weekends.

It added: “We have spoken to our suppliers to underline that they must deliver within these agreed times and would like to apologise if this has not been the case.

“Due to the popularity of our store, we know some customers are struggling to find a parking space.

“Our team are working hard to ensure that the spaces are not being abused to make it easier for our customers to find spaces when they need them.

“We are proud to be part of the high street in Edgware and we believe we are encouraging more customers to shop locally rather than going further afield, helping other local businesses to grow.”

Barnet Borough Council said anyone experiencing problems with motorists blocking driveway should contact the authority’s enforcement line on 0203 375 4242 with the vehicle’s details.