An amber glow sweetened the skies over Barnet during a rare 'honey moon'.

The spectacular sight was snapped by Donald Lyven, at Pointalls Allotments, in Finchley, on Saturday and is supposed to herald the sign of a fruitful summer.

Also known as a Strawberry Moon, the rare phenomenon happens when the sun arcs high but the moon keeps low.

With a thicker atmosphere for i ts light to pass through, coupled with airborne pollutants, the moon takes on a honey hue.

The moon also coincided with a few hours of its closest to earth during its orbit, or perigee, making the moon seem bigger than usual.

Mr Lyven, of Glenhil Road, Finchley, said: “Due to cloud on Friday, I was unable to see it; however, Saturday night was perfectly clear.

“I took several photographs of a beautiful large honey-coloured moon (98.8% full) as it rose over Pointalls allotments in Finchley; where the skies are darker and there’s a distant horizon.

“It meant missing the first half of the England - Italy match, but it was a wonderful sight.”