The chief executive of Barnet Borough Council has announced a full members’ allowances scheme will be considered on July 15.

Andrew Travers made the announcement following questions raised by the Times Series over the legality of the authority’s payments to councillors.

It is a legal requirement for local authorities to make a members’ allowances scheme before the beginning of each year, as well as taking into consideration recommendations made by an independent panel.

The council’s last members’ allowances scheme was approved on September 14 2010 and expired on March 31 this year.

Despite this, the council has insisted it was lawful to pay councillors from April 1 – even though, as the Times Series pointed out, no scheme has been in place since March 31

In a statement, Mr Travers admitted it “would be better and more transparent” if a scheme is adopted at each annual council meeting.

He said: “The regulations state that a scheme continues in place until it is revoked so the council is confident that it was lawful to pay allowances to councillors from 1st April 2014, and that it is lawful to continue so doing.

“However the scheme has not been readopted since 2010 and it would be better and more transparent if each annual council adopt a scheme for members allowances.

“For clarity I have asked that a full allowance scheme will be considered by council on 15th July and at every annual council thereafter.”