You might have thought election season was over in Barnet – but it is just beginning in the Labour stronghold of Colindale.

The delayed election will take place next Thursday, June 26, just over a month after the rest of the borough went to the polls to cast their votes.

The vote was delayed following the death of Green Party Candidate Jessica Yorke just a few days before the election.

Conservatives won the previous election by just two votes. Assuming Labour retains its three seats in Colindale, the party will have a total of 30 councillors – topping its current record of 26.

Although Labour councillors have held the three seats since 1968, the four main party leaders have admitted “anything could happen” next week.

Labour leader Alison Moore said the three candidates – Gill Sergeant, Nagus Narenthira and Zakia Zubairi make a “fabulous trio”.

She said: “We understand the community is changing, so we’ve been out there trying to get to know those communities again.

“None of them would take for granted the fact that we’ve had it for such a long time.

“We’ll ensure the Grahame Park Regeneration Project runs smoothly, and help iron out any glitches.”

For the last month, no representatives have held the Colindale ward, meaning all candidates have been left in “limbo”.

Conservative leader Richard Cornelius said: “There will be a lot of attention to Colindale and it’s an area that’s changing. One should never underestimate the electorate – we’ve definitely got a chance there.”

The Green Party beat the Liberal Democrats in 19 out of 20 wards. Leader Andrew Newby said: “Colindale is in the process of enormous regeneration and keeping that green is our priority.

“We’d also press for all homes in Colindale to be affordable and to keep rent costs down.

“We’re also keen to lower the speed limit in residential areas and near shops to 20mph to help the community feel safer walking places.”

And Barnet’s lone Liberal Democrat Councillor, the long-standing Jack Cohen, said: “We’re giving it a go but we appreciate it’s a very Labour ward. My hopes aren’t too high.

“However, we’re trying our best and maybe the voters will choose the Lib Dems so as not to give the Labour and Conservatives such a monopoly on the council.”

The borough’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) chairman, Chris Apostolou, previously said: “We’d always go for local referendums on big issues and we want to protect overdevelopment in the area.

“If the population is booming we have to build somewhere, although we won’t allow building on the green belt. I think it’s best to spend money on redeveloping rundown estates.”