The family of an eight-year-old boy who was knocked down on his bike are launching a petition calling for better safety measures in a “dangerous” road.

The schoolboy was rushed to hospital after he was hit by a 184 bus in Chesterfield Road, Barnet, last Tuesday.

He is now in a stable condition, but his uncle Justin Morley is determined to make sure a similar crash does not happen again.

Mr Morley is setting up a petition encouraging Barnet Borough Council to introduce pedestrian crossings as well as a 20mph speed limit in Chesterfield Road, as well as Whitings Road, Quinta Drive and Mays Lane.

He said: “We’re wishing my nephew better, and praying for him every day. But, we don’t want another accident to happen.

“Chesterfield Road is dangerous – there’s cars parked on both sides, it’s a major bus route, it’s very busy and it’s used by a lot of kids because of the nearby park.

“Something needs to be done before there’s another accident.”

More than 1,400 people have joined a Facebook group called Chesterfield Road Needs a Crossing for the Safety of our Children, with even more hoped to sign the petition.

Councillors and people living in nearby streets have joined the campaign, hoping something will be done as soon as possible.

Father-of-two Daniel Lucas, who has lived in nearby Sellwood Drive for seven years, said: “Chesterfield Road is a very, very busy road and it needs something to make it safe because there are a lot of children who hang around there.

“It’s common sense and hopefully the council will listen. There’s already been one accident – we don’t want another.”

Councillor Amy Trevethan has met with several neighbours who are desperate for better safety measures.

Speaking about last week’s crash, she said: “The incident has highlighted an urgent need for improved road safety measures in the area.

“As Labour councillors we are fully behind these demands and fully support the residents' petition. We will also be putting pressure on the council to invest in youth play areas and facilities, for example on the site of the now-forlorn Quinta Club.

“We will be working hard with local residents to make sure children have safe and well-equipped areas in which to play."

A council spokesman said: “We will be working closely with the police and London Buses to understand the circumstances of this sad accident, and investigate as a priority any possible road safety improvements to ensure wherever possible accidents like this can be avoided.”

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