Bomb squad officers were called to investigate reports of an unexploded bomb - only to find out it was just an old bucket.

Householders in Victoria Road, Mill, were evacuated after a gardener found a "cylindrical shaped barrel" while digging in a woman's garden.

He immediately stopped digging in fear of detonating what he thought was the shell of an unexploded Second World War bomb.

Upon further inspection, partially unearthed object was rusty brown and had a '14' at the base.

The owner was aware the surrounding area was bombed during the war, sparking fears the mystery object could be a bomb.

Police were called at 12.39 and evacuated people in Albert Road, Dawes Lane and Victoria Road.

They confirmed the object was similar in shape to an old bomb from the war era - but as the shape was unearthed, it turned out to be the base of a rusty metal bucket.

Roads were reopened at 1.39pm.