Voters turned out for the delayed Colindale election in a steady stream this morning.

People went to the polls to elect three new councillors for Colindale – just over a month after the rest of Barnet voted.

They had to be postponed after Green Party candidate Jessica Yorke died just a few days before the May 23 election.

Volunteers at the Grahame Park Community Centre said many people had turned up to cast their vote.

Labour councillors have held the three Colindale seats since 1968.

If the party retains its three seats in Colindale, the party will have a total of 30 councillors, topping its current record of 26.

Zakia Zubairi, a Labour party candidate who became the borough's first female Muslim councillor in 2005, said she was in high spirits as she went to vote.

The Labour hopeful added that she is not worried about the election going in favour of another party.

She said: “They can never win Colindale because they never care for Colindale.”

Labour candidate Nagus Narenthira told the Times Series: “We need parking, we need reasonable surgeries and we need a balance of socioeconomic classes. We are doing what we can for Colindale. People know that we are on their side.”

Lee Strater, 27, said: “I am unhappy with the Government right now. I’m a Labour supporter all the time. I’m always confident they will win Colindale.”

Michael Moroney, of Eagle Drive, said: “I’ve always voted a certain way. It’s very difficult to change when you are set.

“I wouldn’t say I’m completely happy with everything the Labour Party has done. I think they are a consistent, non-radical party and that’s what our society needs.”

Lois Jay, 72, said had been debating whether to vote at all. She said: “It’s like choosing the best of a bad lot, but I came today because if you don’t vote you can’t complain.”

Polls close at 10pm, and results will be announced this evening.

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