A university student has swapped the comfort of his bed for a sleeping bag after pledging to sleep in a tent until he raises £2,000 in sponsorship for a children’s charity.

Christopher Roche, of New Barnet, has been living in his tent since May 19 in an attempt to raise money for Save the Children’s Syria Appeal.

The 29-year-old has pitched camp everywhere from back gardens to fields across Barnet, as well as in Bath, where he is a post-graduate student developing treatments for drug dependence and addiction.

Speaking to the Times Series he said: “It’s been quite trying at times. I’ve been taking my tent everywhere with me – the train, uni, everywhere.

“For the first couple of weeks it was raining non-stop, which made it difficult to sleep. And now the weather’s really hot which means I wake up early and have to dive to open the tent – I can’t win.”

But Christopher is determined to complete his challenge to help people living in Syria.

He said: “The scale of the suffering and of the need for assistance is enormous, and the aid agencies are stretched thin and desperately need funds.

“Living in a tent for month obviously won't solve the problems in Syria. However, the money raised for this aid appeal will go towards reducing real human suffering, so it's definitely worth it.”

Christopher has already raised £1,500 towards his campaign, and having already spent six weeks in a tent he said: “The last £500 could not come quickly enough.”

To sponsor Christopher visit: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/moreintense