Schoolgirls will have the opportunity to travel, trek and volunteer on a "life-changing" trip to Malaysia.

A total of 28 girls at Copthall School in Pursley Road will spend two weeks on the trip at the end of July.

Gill Sumner, assistant head teacher, will be one of three staff members on the Malaysian trip alongside the students who are in years 11, 12 and 13.

She said: "I firmly believe the whole experience of a different culture is important for the girls. They'll have to learn independence and resilience."

The school has organised three trips with school expedition company World Challenge over the past eight years, including trips to Morocco and Sri Lanka.

The students will be split into two teams, one with an environmental focus and one working with a school for disabled children.

Ms Sumner said: "They will be an extra pair of hands willing to do what is needed to help. They will be learning to support people who are less fortunate."

Year 13 pupil Hannah Abbasi said: "It's really exciting. We get to explore something new and I like to be doing something for the community and do work to help others."

The girls have taken part in car washes, raffles and other fundraising events to raise £2,000 each for the trip.

Year 12 student, Nora Gjerqeku, said: "I've always wanted to do this kind of volunteer work. It's going to be a completely different culture and we will be helping people in need.

"It's humbling as well. It's completely different from if you were going there on a holiday. We're going to make a difference."