Disgraced former Barnet councillor Brian Coleman has been labelled a “buffoon with verbal incontinence” after he mocked a cancer patient on Twitter.

Coleman told Twitter user Roger Tichborne, who has prostate cancer and regularly blogs about his condition, “with your constant attacks on the Mayor and me and others it must be the hate in you, rather than the cancer which is eating you”.

The remarks came after Coleman, who was convicted of assault for attacking Cafe Buzz owner Helen Michael in September 2012, announced he had been named as president of the Barnet Rotary Club.

Mr Tichborne, who blogs under the name @Rog_T, replied saying: “It appears Barnet Rotary Club condone criminals who attack women. A very sad day indeed.”

And when one user said discussing people’s illnesses on Twitter was “ugly stuff”, Coleman replied: “He writes long rambling blogs about his illness for all the world to 'enjoy'”.

Mr Tichborne told the Times Series: “Given that he beats women up I’m not surprised. I’m fairly thick skinned about these things so I’m not at all upset.

“However, the man has a screw loose. He’s a complete buffoon who says really stupid things, and he’s got verbal incontinence when it comes to Twitter.

“It seems like everyone thinks it’s bang out of order, it’s horrible. He needs to take a long, hard look at himself.

“Is that what he wants to do with his life? To go round upsetting people?

“The Barnet Rotary Club should take him to task with this – it’s totally untenable.”

Coleman has since faced a barrage of criticism for the comments by other Twitter users, who have called him "vile" and a "troll insulting cancer sufferers".

Coleman was expelled from the Conservative party after he admitted to attacking Ms Michael and then stood as an Independent councillor in Totteridge, before he was ousted from his seat in the May 23 elections.

Over the years, he found himself facing various complaints – in April 2013 he was found guilty of calling a psychiatric nurse a “tw*t” during a council meeting.

Mr Tichborne now hopes Coleman’s “insensitive” comments do not put anyone off from getting help for cancer symptoms or speaking up with their stories.

He added: “Brian needs to take a long, hard look at himself.

“It might satisfy some sort of short term need for him to have a pop at me, but looking at the bigger picture it’s an ignorant thing to do.

“Going public with my cancer has encouraged others to get tested too – some say it’s even saved their lives.

“But ridiculing me for having cancer could put people off from having a check up. If it does, it’s a really evil thing to do.”

The Times Series has been unable to contact both Brian Coleman and the Barnet Rotary Club for comment.