A cycling event was given an “inspirational twist” by a singer who beat the bullies to follow her dreams.

Raphaella Mazerahi, who lives in Whetstone, took part in a Tour de France concert in Trafalgar Square.

The 24-year-old used both of her 45-minute sets on Saturday and Monday to promote her EP and anti-bullying single, Beautiful Like Me.

She also promoted her anti-bullying campaign “I stand for...”, which she has launched in conjunction with charity Kids Count.

She said: “Being asked along was a privilege as it gives her the chance to continue raising awareness for Kids Count.

“It was humbling to see French children had come over too as Kids Count work in co-operation with French children also.”

“I got the whole of Trafalgar Square singing along, it was just amazing to hear them all shouting about what they stand for.”

“For me the most important thing is raising awareness for the kids.”