Barnet's young people swept the board at this year's anti-smoking film awards.

Susi Earnshaw Theatre School, Barnet Mencap and youth production team Arty Films all received National Cut films awards for their short films, £55.90, If You Could See It and One Way Ticket.

Comedian Jack Whitehall hosted the awards ceremony at the BAFTA headquarters in central London, and Harry Potter director David Yates presented the young people with their awards.

Cut Films is a youth anti-smoking film and social media project organised by The Deborah Hutton Campaign, which invites young people to research smoking, make a short film about what they find out and share their film with their friends.

Susi Earnshaw filmmaker Jack Kane, 14, said: "Not only did we have great fun making If You Could See it but we learnt all about the damaging effects of smoking. I don't think any of us realised how many lives it takes every year.

"It has definitely put us off even trying one cigarette. We were so thrilled to win three awards in the Barnet Cut Films Awards but we couldn't believe we got two national awards at BAFTA's headquarters as well. We just hope our film will put children off smoking."