A woman hopes to prove you don't need hair to be feminine when she shaves her head for charity.

Alexia Karageorghis, of Dove Lane, Potters Bar, is showing her support for Macmillan Cancer Care and mental health charity Mind, while her curls will also be turned into a wig for a young cancer patient.

The 20-year-old said: "I chose to shave my hair because this way I can do more than just donate money. And I can show other women and girls that you don’t have to have hair to be feminine," said Alexia, who’s mother had cancer twice in the past.

"For my mum, losing her hair twice through chemotherapy was really difficult, I want to give back and in a way, indirectly be there for her as I couldn’t physically back then."

Although shaving her hair is directly linked to Macmillan, Alexia, who has been battling depression since 13, is just as passionate about Mind.

By donating money to Mind, Alexia is hoping to propel forward their campaign that aims to erase the negative stigma that surrounds mental health.

She said: "I’ve met people who won’t seek help for a mental health issue because of stigma, that can be quite dangerous. It’s a perpetual cycle."

The Psychology and Neuroscience graduate, from Dove Lane, Potters Bar, will shave her head on Friday, July 18.