Threats to the environment were discussed at a meeting led by Environment Minister Owen Patterson today.

Mr Patterson visited Mill Hill Synagogue, in Station Road, to meet members of the Mill Hill Residents' Association and environment groups in the area.

During the meeting, people discussed controversial plans to close a 500-year-old farm to build a golf course in Bury Farm, Edgware.

Proposals to build a giant tomb in Westminster Cemetery, Milespit Hill, where also brought to Mr Patterson's attention.

Claire Fox-Baron, part of the campaign group against the mausoleum, said: “It’s going to be a Trojan horse that will destroy this part of the green belt. It’s a beautiful place but we risk losing it.”

Mr Patterson told the meeting the plans should conform with local government guidelines, and that it was the job of councillors to help address concerns.

But echoing other members of the group, Ms Fox-Baron replied: “We are speaking to people who don’t appear to be listening.”

Others raised issues about the lack of infrastructure in the area, including schools.

John Gillett, chair of the newly formed Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum, also addressed concerns about the “polluted” Mill Hill Broadway Station.

He said: “It’s one of the most air polluted stations – it’s disgraceful. It’s near the M1 at the top.

“If we don’t do something to arrest this decline it will get worse.”

Mr Patterson then spoke about the importance of buying locally produced food and products.