A grandfather who began work as a newspaper delivery boy and has spent his whole lifetime working with newspapers says he has no intention of giving up.

Ron Fielding, of Colney Hatch Lane, Barnet, began work as a paper boy for the Hendon & Finchley Times more than seven decades ago at the tender age of 12.

The 85-year-old then took a job as a printing assistant at the former Hendon Times office in Church Road, where he spent a happy seven years.

Although he spent two years in the RAF from 1947, he returned to the trade he loves in the 1950s and opened his own newsagent.

Fielding & Son, in Southam Gardens, Mill Hill East, was so successful that he opened Aerodrome Stores in Colindale 22 years later.

And now, despite being a proud grandfather-of-six, he spends every day minding a kiosk at High Barnet Station selling newspapers to commuters.

He said: “They say hard work never killed anyone – and it’s not done me any harm. I’m still ticking away.

“I might retire soon. The lease runs out in a couple of years so that’s when I’ll go. I enjoy it and I think I’ve still got a couple of years in me yet here.

“People are very friendly and I really enjoy my work here.”

Mr Fielding has spent the past eight years working at the kiosk serving loyal customers day in, day out.

He spent 36 happy years married to his wife, Jean, before she died 22 years ago.

He added: “I decided I wanted to work with newspapers when I was a young boy and heard my grandfather telling me about them. They play an important role in society.

“I’ve got lots of fond memories from working in the Hendon Times office, we had some happy times there.”