Teachers and pupils turned back the clock to learn more about what life was like in wartime Britain to mark this year’s centenary.

Students from the Compton School, in Summers Lane, Finchley, have been immersed in the history of First World War as part of a special project.

The school was turned into a 1914-style Edwardian fete, which included an exhibition of photographs and war memorabilia.

Deputy headteacher Malcolm McGlynn said: “It was such a major event and helped shape the world thereafter.

“It’s imperative today’s generation commemorates the sacrifices of previous generations.

“That way, students will be aware of what went on so they’re better prepared to understand the world and the part they play in it.”

The pupils dressed in authentic British and German helmets, and some staff members were full authentic period British Army uniform.

Hundreds of pupils took part in a concert titled I’ll Be Home By Christmas, which featured drama, dance and musical performances. The Barnet Youth Orchestra also took part.

In the evening, a Michelin-trained chef also judged a First World War cake competition.

Mr McGlynn added: “The pupils and staff really enjoyed it – there was a great atmosphere and it was nice to see the students getting excited about the history of it all.”