A father who found a “beautiful” plaque in an abandoned boys’ club is trying to trace the family of the man it was dedicated to.

Derrick Rogers, of The Meads, Burnt Oak, discovered the marble sign commemorating the life of Harold Lee at the Watling Boys Club, in Dryfield Road, Burnt Oak.

The club is currently being demolished to make way for 22 new flats and two houses and Mr Rogers feared the tablet was going to be thrown out.

According to the inscription, Harold Lee was the club leader in 1942 to 1961 but was “tragically killed” on February 14, 1961.

It also says "his efforts were inspirational to us all".

Mr Rogers, 63, said: “The boys club was a great place back in the day, it taught them right from wrong and we haven’t got anywhere now.

“I went and had a look because the builders were putting the fences up. It was really sad.

“I noticed the plaque and I thought that if it was someone from my family I’d want it back, and it was just going to get binned otherwise.”

A quick Google search proved unsuccessful and Mr Rogers is no closer to finding out who Harold Lee was. 

The club was opened in the 1960s and provided a range of activities for youngsters, including boxing and sport on a football pitch behind it.

However, it closed down in the late 1990s and has suffered from fires and vandalism and has become overgrown.

Despite a petition backed by Hendon MP Matthew Offord to reopen it as a community centre, the building was sold off to Greencourt Property Group and work to turn it into flats has now begun.

Mr Rogers added: “I’m sure it would mean a lot to Harold Lee’s family.

“I’d like to see the plaque put somewhere, it’s a shame for the man.

“If he made a lot of difference to the club, I don’t want it to go down the drain.”

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