Dog walkers were left horrified after news a man was found hanging in a park in the early hours of the morning.

The man’s body was discovered in Sunny Hill Park, off Greyhound Hill, Hendon, just before 8am this morning.

Police have cordoned the footpath leading to the park, near Church Farm Museum, and forensic officers are scouring the scene.

A dog walker said he had tried to get into the park from Greyhound Hill after 9am but found the area heavily guarded by police.

He said: “When you see tonnes of police around you expect the worst. It’s a really horrible thing to happen.

“I feel awful for the poor man and his family. It’s ever so sad. You have to wonder what was going through his mind to do something so drastic.

“I hope no children came across his body – that kind of thing can scar a person.”

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the man's death.