A cyclist has been left heartbroken after thieves stole her bicycle just days before she was due to take part in a charity race.

Anna Glowacka, a sports injury therapist at The Green Well Practice, in Daws Lane, Mill Hill, finished her shift at 11pm last night (Monday) and went outside to retrieve her bike and head home.

Despite having securely bolted it to the railings outside just hours earlier, it was nowhere to be seen and she immediately began to panic.

The 33-year-old is due to take part in the 100-mile Prudential Cycle Ride on Sunday for the London Wildlife Trust and has already raised £500.

But without the bike she has spent the past two months training with, she faces having to borrow one for the race she is still determine to take part in.

Ms Glowacka said: “When I saw it wasn’t there, it was gutting. My heart sank, I was totally at my wits' end and I didn’t know what to do. I had tears in my eyes.

“My first thought was about how I’m going to race on Sunday. Having to borrow a bike isn’t ideal as I’ve been training on this bike. I’ve set it up to suit me and my body shape and it was perfect.

“I've been looking forward to the race so much. I’m hoping it won’t affect my performance both psychologically and physically, but I’ve got nothing to train with at the moment.”

Instead of cycling the 40 minutes to Kentish Town, where she lives, Ms Glowacka took an overground train still wearing her cycle gear.

She bought the bike from a second hand dealer just seven weeks ago for £300 to help her get to and from work and train for her first-ever race.

The bike is a red B-twin Triban bike and the fundraiser is now asking people to be on the lookout for it.

She added: “I can’t just pop out and buy a new bike so I hope whoever took it is compassionate enough to return it to me.

“I’d consider offering a reward, but I’m hoping nobody would take a reward considering I need it for a charity race.”

Police are investigating the theft.