A care provider that supports disabled people in their own homes has failed an inspection over complaints of staff failing to turn up to visits.

Personnel and Care Bank (PCB), which assists 255 people across Cricklewood, Colindale, Hendon and Finchley, was criticised for failing to improve standards in its latest Care Quality Commission report.

But Barnet Borough Council says it has no plans to terminate its £1.5million contract with PCB and that it is working closely with the provider to address the areas of concern.

In October 2013, a report found it was putting patients at "unnecessary risk" as carers were not regularly monitored every three months, as required by company policy.

It was ordered to improve – but a surprise visit in March 2014 noted that although some improvements were made, PCB did "not have due regard" to the CQC’s previous inspection.

As a result, failings continued to occur as many carers missed visits or "turned up too late, too early or not at all".

The report said: "This failed to protect people against the risks of receiving care that was inappropriate or unsafe."

PCB was given a warning from the health inspection agency and will now be subject to a surprise visit in the next few months.

Speaking to the Times Series, Rosalind Payne, the managing director of PCB, said: "I was concerned but we are improving.

"We’ve got a very good team but there are some things which are beyond our control, so that poses difficulties. They do arrive and they can be slightly late and that’s an issue for us, and other people.

"The level of care we provide is very high, and I’m confident we’ll improve at the next inspection.

"I can’t talk about the contract because we don’t intend to cancel it."

Earlier this year, London Care, another of the borough’s three care providers, was forced to hand back its council contract over complaints of missed calls, time keeping and managerial issues.

A statement from Barnet Borough Council said: "All of our contracts are strictly monitored to make sure they meet our high standards."