Three men have been found guilty of the “callous” murder of a mother who was caught up in a gang war while celebrating her 24th birthday.

Sabrina Moss, a nursery school teacher who grew up in Grahame Park, was gunned down in the street by two hooded men armed with a machine gun and a shotgun in Kilburn High Road, Maid Vale.

Martell Ricco Warren, 23, of Station Road, Hillingdon, Hassan Hussain, 29, of Cranhurst Road, Cricklewood and Yassin James, 20, of Chaplin Road, Wembley, were all found guilty of her murder.

They were also found guilty of the attempted murder of her friend, Sabrina Gachette, with whom she was out at the time of her death.

Simon Baptsite, 29, of Rondu Road, was found guilty of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm and will be sentenced on September 12, with the others.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Partridge, of the homicide major crime command, said: "This was a callous act, committed by three individuals who were willing to fire a MAC 10 and a double-barrelled shotgun indiscriminately at a group of people outside a busy restaurant.

“They waited until a large group of people were together and then fired at their victims. It is clear they wanted to injure, maim or even murder as many of those people as possible, without any consideration as to who was within that group.”

The Old Bailey heard how on Friday, August 23 Sabrina was out celebrating her birthday with friends at the Love and Liquor Bar.

After the celebrations, they made their way to the Woody Grill to order food, and two gunmen were seen walking down Messina Avenue.

They took up crouching positions behind the parked vehicles and from this vantage point, they had clear visibility of the restaurant.

Although police believe members of a rival gang were the intended target, Sabrina Moss was caught in the crossfire and shot in her heart and arm.

Her friend Sabrina Gachette, was shot in her back and received injuries to her bowel and liver.

Both women made their way back inside the restaurant where they were tended to by their friends and the London Ambulance Service.

Following the shooting, the gunmen made their way back down towards Messina Avenue and drove off in a car which was waiting for them by Rondu Road. They but were later arrested.

Two men who police believe were the intended targets were also shot during the incident and were treated for their injuries in hospital.

The firearms used in the shooting have yet to be recovered.

After the verdict, Sabrina Moss’ family said in a statement: “She was a beautiful, loving and caring person. She had a larger than life character the fullness of which cannot be summarised in one statement.

“It would take an age to describe all the ways we have been affected and what we miss about her. We miss everything about her and who she was. She was an important key piece of our family, she is simply irreplaceable.

“Sabrina was a completely innocent victim of a totally senseless and callous crime and even though this chapter is now closing in our lives, we will never be the same and our lives have been forever been affected."