Teenagers burst into tears of joy as they received their GCSE results today.

Year 11 students at Mill Hill County, in Worcester Crescent, flocked into the assembly hall to find out their fate.

The school saw 64 per cent of students achieve five A* to B grades, 76 per cent of students achieve five A* to C grades, and 76 per cent of students achieve an A* to C in both maths and English.

For many, however, their impressive results were completely unexpected.

Faye Marshall, 16, expected to rip open her envelope to find a series of D grades – so was shocked to find she had achieved one A, six Bs and three Cs.

She said: “I had the jelly wobbles this morning, these grades are just amazing and I am so, so proud of myself.

“I felt sick with nerves this morning but now I can barely control my excitement. I started crying when I found out.

“There’s so much riding on this one piece of paper, it’s the thing that determines the rest of your life.”

Faye will study A-levels in media, drama, hair and prosthetics at Elstree University Technical College.

Her friend, Kitty Naghten, also 16, was equally shocked with her grades. Despite bracing herself to receive Cs and Ds, she actually achieved four A*s, six Bs and one C.

She picked up her results with her mother and father, Kevin Naghten, the head of English at the school.

She said: “I’m just so impressed with what I have achieved. I was a bundle of nerves but now I can see there was no reason for that.”

Kitty, who is off to celebrate her results at Reading Festival, will go on study A-levels in English literature and language, philosophy and drama at The Wren Academy, in Totteridge, in September.

Bright Niruban Ananthan, 15, and Dharmesh Shah, 16, achieved mainly A*s and Bs.

Niruban said: “I worked incredibly hard and to realise that’s paid off is an unbelievable feeling. I can’t believe I’ve done so well – it’s still a shock.”

He plans to take A-levels in maths, further maths, physics and economics and has high hopes of becoming an engineer.

Dharmesh was equally thrilled with his results, having achieved three A*s, seven As and one B.

Although still undecided about a career choice, he plans to study economics, maths, physics and geography for A-level.

He said: “My parents were literally over the moon, it’s such a weight off everybody’s shoulders after a really tense few months.

“I don’t know how we’re celebrating, but we’re going to be doing something big.”

Sarah Howard, assistant head teacher, praised the students for their hard work.

She said: “They worked exceptionally hard and everyone I’ve spoken to this morning has been really pleased. So far it’s all been positive, especially since GCSEs are getting tougher.”