A protest will take place to highlight an ongoing pay dispute.

The protest, by members of Barnet Unison, will take place outside Hendon Town Hall on Monday at 6pm.

It aims to bring attention to the dispute over pay conditions between Unison and Your Choice Barnet (YCB), which supports people with physical and learning disabilities. Staff at Your Choice Barnet are facing pay cuts of 9.5 per cent.

The Performance and Contract Management Committee are holding a meeting later that evening in the town halll.

Helen Davies, Branch Chair of Barnet Unison, said: “We hope to bring awareness to councillors about the decision they made to set up Your Choice Barnet. The reason we are demonstrating is because that evening a contracting committee is being held and one of those contractors is Your Choice Barnet.

“The difficulty which has become clear is that we need a three way meeting with the council, the union and Your Choice Barnet. I don’t know if it will come about, but it’s hard to see how some of the issues can be resolved just by us talking to Your Choice Barnet.”