Volunteers helped young disabled athletes get to a sporting event where they competed against teams from across the world.

Barnet Community Transport offered to take people taking part in the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Games in Stoke Mandeville.

The charity transported more than 300 athletes aged 12 and up, who took part in athletics, archery, wheelchair fencing and table tennis.

However, after realising it would be understaffed, fundraiser Marilyn Kendall turned to the community to find willing volunteers by posting on social networking site, Streetlife.

She was “amazed” when people from Barnet responded and offered to take part in the event.

She said: “It made an obvious difference to the young athletes. Some of them were travelling on their own for the first time.

“Having friendly faces there to greet them was a huge help.”

Richard Healy, chief officer of Barnet Community Transport, said: “The difference with having volunteers that came through Streetlife was that they wanted to be there.

“That makes it much easier for the charity – to have people who’re genuinely motivated and eager to help.”