A mother who had two premature babies is holding a charity sale to say thank you to the “wonderful” hospital unit that saved their lives.

Emilie-Mai MacCormack, of The Hyde, Potters Bar, gave birth to Kai, now two, and Mia, six months, a few months early due to complications during pregnancy.

The 24-year-old is determined to give back to Barnet Hospital and is raising money for Little Treasures, a neonatal charity set up by Dr Ross, at the hospital.

She also had two miscarriages – at the age of 19 when she was 23 weeks pregnant with son Jordan, and she later lost her daughter Michaela, when she was 20 weeks along.

She said: “It was traumatic. I had counselling and I want other women to know – don’t be afraid to get help.”

Kai is still a regular inpatient at the hospital as he has chronic lung disease, and his sister, Mia, has bleeds on the brain although doctors do not know if these will have lasting effects.

This Saturday, September 6, swarms of people will fill Elm Court, in Mutton Lane, Potters Bar, for a mum’s sale.

It will include maternity clothes and baby items, as well as a soft play area to keep children occupied whilst their mothers shop.

She hopes the money raised will go towards buying oxygen equipment to help premature babies recover at home, instead of in hospital.

Emilie added: “It costs £1,000 for the equipment but it is something that can keep families together. If they are all separated, it’s not good for family life.

“The NHS is under a lot of strain, especially the neonatal unit, so it’s important to support them. They do a wonderful job. 

“I’ve had floods of people sign up for stalls at the event so I’m really excited about it now.”

The event will be held from 2pm to 4pm.