A “sickening” neo-Nazi rally which was due to be held in Golders Green has been cancelled and moved to central London.

Fascist group New Dawn had planned to march against "Jewish privilege" the Jewish area during the Sabbath on Saturday, but the Metropolitan Police have now blocked it from going ahead.

It will now take place in central London to give those who observe the holy day the chance to observe it in “peace”.

Thousands of people from all different faiths, including Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders, had been planning on attending to show solidarity against the rally.

In a statement, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism said its representatives have spent the last months in meetings with Barnet council and the police in an attempt to stop it from taking place.

It added: “The neo-Nazi demonstration in Golders Green has been cancelled following our discussions with the police and prospect of us countering in our thousands. We are therefore calling off our counter-protest.

“This decision is a victory for British values and we applaud their firm defence of our community.

“This neo-Nazi demonstration was an attempt to intimidate the largest Jewish community in the UK on the Jewish Sabbath at the heart of Golders Green, on the very memorial to those who lost their lives fighting Nazis.”

“Antisemitism is a societal disease and zero tolerance law enforcement and education are fundamental parts of the cure.”

But despite this, police will patrol Golders Green throughout July 3, 4 and 5.

Jewish security firm CST also welcomed the decision, and said: “This sends a strong message of support for British Jews at a time when fears of antisemitism remain high.”

Natalie Kaye, who is Jewish and had been planning on attending the protest to protest, said: “It is blatantly Anti-Semitic and should not be allowed – in Golders Green or anywhere. It’s sickening.”

Sam Fromson, the assistant Rabbi at Golders Green Synagogue, in Dunstan Road, said: “I am very happy it is not taking place.

“We were going to go to demonstrate the harmony between ethnic and religious groups. That is a beautiful thing to support, but it is heartbreaking that we need such a thing.

“Of course I value freedom of speech but it saddens me when people choose to abuse that freedom.”

Ghassan Cohen, the president of the Ohel David Eastern Synagogue, in Golders Green: “I want to tell them the neo-Nazi’s to go to hell.”

Finchley and Golders Green MP Mike Freer said: "I welcome the action taken by the Police to move the demonstration well out of harm’s way.

"Golders Green was obviously chosen as the original location as the protestors planned to incite racial hatred. We do have freedom of speech in this country but the message is clear - anti-Semitism has no place on our streets.

"I will continue to work with the Metropolitan Police, the Prime Minister and Home Secretary as the safety of local people is of paramount importance.”