The MP for Chipping Barnet has condemned the persecution of Christians around the world.

World Watch List, a run-down of 50 countries where Christians face persecution and discrimination because of their faith, revealed its named countries for 2017.

Former secretary for Northern Ireland Theresa Villiers hosted an event to unveil the list before 80 MPs from different political parties, featuring speakers from Iraq and Nigeria.

The Watch List is compiled by Open Doors, a charity which supports the Christian church in countries where it is under threat.

Ms Villiers said: “Religious persecution is a significant component in the global refugee crisis.

“Never before have so many Christians been on the move as conflict and religious persecution combine to have devastating consequences for millions of people.

“Both Christians and minority Muslim groups are increasingly forced to flee their homes, under fear of death, or thanks to constant discrimination under Sharia law.”

Open Doors estimate over 50 per cent of Syria’s Christians have left the country.

Aleppo, which previously had one of Syria’s highest Christian populations, has seen over 90 per cent flee the city.

Refugees are forced to flee their home countries because of militant groups like Boko Haram, Daesh (Islamic State) and Al Qaeda.

The UK is connected to 30 out of the 50 countries on the Watch List by aid or trade.