Scammers are sending emails pretending to be from Barnet Council.

The emails, which started surfacing today, appear to be from the council, including their letterhead and false penalty charge notices.

A link was also included within the emails, which the council say may take users to “suspicious” websites.

Pawan Dhande said on behalf of Barnet Council said: “Those that have received an e-mail are asked to report the scam using Action Fraud, the National Fraud and Cyber Reporting Centre.”

The council has also warned to scan the computer for viruses or malicious software in the case that the link is opened.

Detective Superintendent Simon Rose of Barnet Metropolitan Police said: “If it does not feel right, if it does not look right, if it does not read right then it’s probably not right.

“Penalty charge notices are attached to your vehicle or come by post to the registered keeper. Do not respond to these scams or click on the links. Please just delete.”