An arts group is using photography and dance to help young women stand up and speak for themselves.

Vivid 21 will tonight be demonstrating their talents in photography, performance poetry and dance for their show case called The Woman I Will be.

Corina Best, 35, has been working with 12 girls aged between 15 to early twenties using different art forms to help express themselves.

The group used photography, poetry, dance to help people find their own sense of style.

Corina said: “I want to stop them thinking they are not good enough, I like to teach them that everyone is unique and that you cannot compare people.

“I want to help them to become successful in whatever they do, whether they want to be doctor, make-up artist or stay-at-home mum to six kids.”

She has worked in this area for four years, but intends to make this a social enterprise.

She added: “This programme that feels right. The girls come for free but they give back to the community by raising money for the next group.

“Community is important to me and it is rewarding to bring together a network of girls that support each other.

“More mental health issues are affecting more young women these days. It’s a good time to be doing this project and combating these issues.”

Corina uses her background in dance to help young women “I was a dancer who did street dance. It was very male dominated environment and it can be a hard place for girls to shine in that environment.

“I started to do whacking, which is a dance form that allows females to be feminine and that is what inspired me to help younger women.

“Dancers can do more than just dance, they can teach people to feel confident in themselves.”

The two performance sessions will run between 4pm and 6pm or 7.30-9.30pm on Wednesday, April 12 at the Organ Hall, Bairstow Close.

The performances are free, though they are ticketed due to a limited space in the auditorium.

Books of the groups poetry and photography will be sold at £5. All proceeds will go towards further projects.