A bright yellow and pink bus pulled up outside a school to teach women about periods.

The betty for schools campaign seeks to educate girls about how periods can affect them physically and emotionally, encouraging them to ask questions they may not fee able to ask in a classroom.

The bus arrived at Hendon School on May 10 and facilitators led one-hour sessions with pupils before the girl went back into school via a tunnelled slide on the side of the bus.

Teacher Michaela Kamara said: “The betty bus has proved incredibly beneficial for our students.

“We’ve noticed changes to their confidence and, among boys, their level of empathy.

“It’s a really powerful way of teaching and engaging with children, and has helped out teachers feel more empowered to talk openly about periods.”

The “betty bus”, which launched in March at the Education Show in Birmingham, was designed to support the education programme for pupils aged eight-12, and is linked to the PSHE curriculum.

Rebecca Martin, head of Partner Relations at betty for schools, said: “After such a great stop off in London we hope that the betty bus will continue to provide a fun and welcoming space for girls across the UK to talk frankly about periods as it continues its tour.”

Teachers can apply for a visit from the “betty bus” by visiting www.bettyforschools.co.uk where all teaching resources are downloadable for free.