A motorcyclist will be taken to court for dangerous and inconsiderate driving.

He and another man were caught in Farriers Way, Borehamwood by officers from the Hertsmere intervention and Safer Neighbourhood Team on Sunday, May 14.

They were issued a section 59 notice for riding anti-socially on the public road and park.

If the men are caught again their bikes may be seized.

Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant Iain Brunt said: “It is an ongoing issue and I’d encourage residents to let us know when it is happening, any descriptions of the riders and any vehicle number plates.

“Not only is it dangerous, but it is also anti-social and we have the power to confiscate these bikes if they are being ridden anti-socially or dangerously.

“Although these men were not children, I’d encourage parents to make sure you know where your children are riding and that they have the required insurance and legal documents.”