Protestors raised their voices and banners against a betting shop coming to their town on Saturday.

Colindale residents stood outside Plot 299 on the Edition development, Colindale Avenue, to raise their concerns over the potential licensing of a new Paddy Power betting shop.

A planning application from Paddy Power has already been turned down by Barnet Council, with residents now fearing they will work their way into the shop through attaining a licence.

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Sreekumar Bhat of Guardian Avenue said: “Allowing a betting shop like Paddy Power in a residential community like ours goes against the principles and community norms.

“Opening of the betting shop will disturb the social harmony in the area and set a wrong example to a young population living in the neighbourhood."

More than 150 residents have objected to the licensing application as there is already another Paddy Power store on the A5, a few minutes’ walk away.

Kirtana Raj of Guardian Avenue said: "I feel wronged now as having Paddy Power just outside my flat will only encourage anti-social behaviour and not build the professional and safe community I am after."

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Other concerns include extended night gambling in a family area, which is not considered appropriate for the surroundings.

Colindale councillors Cllrs Nagus Narenthira, Gill Sargeant and Zakia Zubairi also joined the fight against the new bookmakers.

Cllr Narenthira said: “There is a need for many other facilities here - convenience store, newsagent, cafe to name just three - why should the residents have a betting shop they don't want or need foisted on them? It's just wrong."

The licensing committee hearing will take place in July.

Representatives from Paddy Power declined to comment.