A bus driver will spend three days travelling from Penzance to Borehamwood using only local buses to raise money for a hospital.

Lawrence Stack, 61, Croxdale Road, is hoping to raise £1,500 for a new blood pressure machine to donate to the Edgware Kidney Care Centre at Edgware Community Centre.

Mr Stack decided to raise money for new equipment after receiving treatment for his polycystic kidney disease at the centre when he noticed that the strap comes undone and the machine needed renewing.

The Elstree and Borehamwood Residents’ Association (EBRA) vice-chairman decided that he would carry out the journey as it would be a good way to make the best of his bus-pass.

He said: “I know it’s daft but you have got to come up with these ideas. People think I am mad for doing this.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not worried about getting lost. The real problem is the toilets.

“I’m in most stations for about 10-15 minutes between two-hour journeys and so I hope each station has a toilet.”

There are a few tight connections that could throw a spanner in the works for Mr Stack.

Mr Stack will only have five minutes to make one connection on his route.

Another tricky episode will be when Mr Stack will have to walk 10 minutes between bus stops in Oxford to carry on with his journey, so is packing light to ensure the transitions are smoother.

His adventure will start with a 10-hour coach trip from Victoria Coach Station in London on before starting his journey back home on his first bus at 9am on Monday, July 17.

He should arrive at 8pm in Exeter where he will stay for the night before carrying on with his journey and hopes to get to Swindon by the second evening.

Mr Stack carried out a dummy run using only buses to get to Hastings, which went smoothly.

He has not been able to work for the past five years due to the extensive treatment he has needed, and had to attend the centre three times a week for two years.

After an operation in November Mr Stack feels that he is on the mend and is hoping that soon he will be fit enough to continue with his career of 30 years.