A "room of curiosities" is hoped to be built in a school in Finchley.

Parents and teachers are fundraising at their fair on July 8 to build a "room of curiosities" at Tudor Primary School, Queens Road, Finchley.

Though ideas are in their early stage, the room will likely contain exciting objects to help children think creatively and inspire storytelling and writing.

Reception teacher Julie Maher said: "Using interesting objects, a child's natural curiosity is provoked and ignited.

"It instinctively enhances their skill and exploration as well as a freedom to think independently without fear of their thoughts being placed in the box.”

Parent Julia Cassells said: "As a parent I'm excited to help and support our school make the ‘Room of Curiosities’ a reality.

"I think it's so important to inspire and feed our children's imaginations in order to help them express themselves creatively in whatever way they choose!"

The summer fair fundraiser takes place from 12-3pm on July 8th at the school, with a BBQ, a raffle with prizes and live music.