Footballing fans came together for to launch a weekend festival of walking football.

On Friday more than 80 players from 12 teams played three hour matches at Powerleague Barnet to launch the FA's walking football festival.

The ground is home to Running Is Prohibited (RIP) WFC, a three-year-old walking football club which has grown from a five-a-side team to boasting more than 20 players at each session.

Club organiser Martin Jones said: "We have players in their 50s, 60s, 70s and even a couple in their early 80s.

"Between us we have many knee and other joint problems as well as a fair number with a range of debilitating conditions such as lung disease, Parkinson’s and cancer.

"The two main rules are no running at any time and don’t tackle too hard."

The event was the first of 30 walking football matches across the country, all fundraising for the Bobby Moore Fund, which supports bowel cancer research.

Tony Kyprianou, a player at RIP WFC said: “We were delighted when the FA chose to hold the first of their weekend of festivals here in Barnet.

"Quite a few of us have been directly affected by cancer and it is great that we can raise money for the Bobby More Fund and enjoy ourselves at the same time."

For more information on walking football or to get involved, contact Andrew Perren on or 020 8515 1911.