A dismayed man is appealing to see new trees planted along the train line at the bottom of his garden.

Terry Monk of Sheringham Avenue, Southgate, has appealed to Transport for London (TfL) to plant more trees along the Piccadilly line after they were "removed".

Mr Monk has said the amount of noise from the trains, especially since the Night tube was extended to their line, has increased since the trees were cut back and he is now concerned for his privacy.

He said: "The fact is my wife and I sleep at the front of the house but even then there is noise, whereas before we couldn't hear the trains.

"But now it is just horrendous."

Times Series: The garden before the trees were removed

Mr Monk got in touch with Enfield Council to log an enviro-crime complaint about the issue, stating that though he understands the progress of the Night tube, the holding area for the trains is at his garden, meaning more noise comes through than before.

He said in his complaint: "Prior to the commencement of the 24 hour operation of the tube in December 2016 we were notified by TFL that trains would run at 10 minute intervals, and that every effort would be taken to control the noise along the Piccadilly line.

"What they did not realise is that trains run in both directions and that the holding point for trains is at the bottom of the garden.

"Whilst this was not ideal we accepted this decision given the fact that the trees along the track backing onto our garden acted as a very good sound barrier and gave us some privacy."

Times Series: The garden after the trees were removed

Mr Monk also believes the cutting back of the trees is in breach of the Environment Act 1995 in regard to the noise and nuisance caused by the trains.

TfL, though not giving an official statement, said while there are rules around noise in this case it does not recognise the complaint of the breach of the Environment Act, and that the trees were not removed but cut back for operational reasons, such as stopping leaves falling on the tracks and causing delays.

TfL added that placement of new trees is decided on a case-by-case basis, and it would not commit to planting new trees along this area though would look into it further.