A new school from a north London rugby club is set to open in 2018 in Colindale.

Saracens RFC will be opening the Saracens High School in Colindale, with the first students set to join in September 2018.

The school will work in partnership with Middlesex University, The Orion and Goldbeaters Primary School to form a school in response to the needs of the community, especially around the Grahame Park estate.

Saracens team principles and values will underpin the ethos of the school, namely: "discipline, hard work, honest and humility".

Dr Trevor Lee, chief executive of Saracens Multi-Academy Trust, said: “Saracens is strongly values-driven and has a proven track record of excellence in all that it does.

“Saracens High School is intended to be a high performing academic school which will also excel in a range of sports and arts.

"It will serve as a hub for the local community with extended care for children before and after school along with extensive community use of the school facilities."

Dr Lee also said the teaching styles will reflect a commitment to character development, coaching and mentoring life skills alongside academics.

The trust also aims to open a Saracens Primary School, which will open as a three-form entry school in 2019 to ease the pressure on surrounding schools.

Chris Flathers, Head of The Orion and Goldbeaters Primary School, said: "The Saracens High School project brings to our community not only new secondary places but an approach to learning that is very similar to the successful methods used at The Orion and Goldbeaters.

"Helping this new school come to life means we can provide amazing opportunities for our pupils as they move from primary to secondary."

The Saracens High School will have educational programmes designed to achieve success for all, a special focus on character development, strong emphasis on reading, writing and mathematics along with a wider focus on the world including science, art, history and other subjects.